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Un aperçu de WordPress et comment l’installer

octobre 28, 2021 1Kult 0

WordPress is an open-source content management system written in PHP. It is paired with either a MySQL or MariaDB database. The system is designed to be extensible and includes a plugin architecture and a template system. The templates are referred to as Themes. In addition, WordPress supports an extensive set of plug-ins, allowing the creation…

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Comment personnaliser WordPress

octobre 22, 2021 1Kult 0

There are many ways to customize WordPress. The software is open source, meaning you can edit it however you like. The community is very active, and there are various WordCamps throughout the world. For more information about these events, visit the WordPress website. For more information about how to customize WordPress, see the Frequently Asked…

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Les avantages de la création d’un site Web à l’aide de WordPress

octobre 9, 2021 1Kult 0

If you’re a novice in the world of web development, you may be surprised to learn that WordPress is more powerful than you might think. As the most widely used open source CMS, WordPress is supported by an active community of developers and users. If you are having trouble creating a website, you can ask…